The first male ancestor could be 338,000 years old, according to a DNA study

The first male ancestor could be 338,000 years old, according to a DNA study

Geneticists would have found the Oldest Y chromosome in the world, dated 338,000 years ago, this being the first male ancestor of the sapiens. The genetic Adam.

Lately, companies that perform DNA tests are in fashion allowing people to know their family roots. In this DNAWeekly article you can see an interesting comparison between MyHeritage, 23andMe and AncestryDNA, which are among the best in the world.

Another of these companies is Family Treedna, an American company where a large number of geneticists participate, all of them with proper qualifications.

This company would go unnoticed if it had not made a too surprising finding: the oldest Y chromosome in the world dated 338,000 years ago, this being the first male ancestor of all humans, or, as he is now known, the genetic Adam.

Apparently, Albert Perry, an African American from South Carolina, requested a DNA analysis from this company some time ago, and the result was really a surprise: his Y chromosome was the oldest that had been seen so far, reaching to the point where lived before the appearance of our species, Homo Sapiens.

The analysis that was carried out focused on the Y chromosome for being the one that passes from father to son, which allows it to go back hundreds of years. In Parry's case, he would descend from a man who lived in Africa 338,000 years ago, something we can find published in The American Journal of Human Genetics.

If this is correct, the entire theory of species as we know it would absolutely overturn since the oldest remains of sapiens found so far are approximately 195,000 years old.

Even would overturn the theory of genetic Adam that we know today, dated between 60,000 and 140,000 years ago, while Eve mitochondrial would have lived 200,000 years ago. It should be clarified that the dates of Adam and Eve do not have to coincide, so up to this point the study seems to be accurate.

Faced with this new scenario, only one possible explanation arises: inter-species interbreeding. In order to obtain the Y chromosome so many thousands of years ago, it would have been necessary for sapiens to interbreed with some hitherto unknown species from Africa, something totally plausible according to the Spanish geneticist. Carles Lalueza-Fox. This geneticist believes that hybridization of the sapiens with some archaic hominid, although this is "completely unknown”.

Following his trail.

The geneticist Mike Hammer, author of this discovery, has tried to find more traces of this mysterious Y chromosome, first finding it in the skull of Iwo Eleru, a 13,000-year-old hominid that lived in present-day Nigeria. But in his study he has sought to go further and has found, after an exhaustive investigation in Africa, seven people in Cameroon, all of them belonging to the Mbo ethnic group, which also have the same Y chromosome, so they would be descendants of the genetic Adam.

Doubts about the theory.

This discovery could simply be a marketing action of the company in question, as this ensures that it makes a lot of noise on social networks. However, dozens of geneticists and scientists also raise the possibility that this is true, picking it up even media like New Scientist.

For now this theory is under study and both geneticists, archaeologists and anthropologists will have a very hard work ahead of them, because although the cross between sapiens and other hominids has been verified, there is no bone remains of such ancient settlers, so all this until now is nothing more than a simple hypothesis.

¿We will come to discover our true origin?

Sapiens skull image: Ryan somma on Flickr

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