"The Map" by T.S Learner

T.S Learner of English origin and education delights us with his new novel "The map"Suspenseful with certain historical touches of fantasy, which embarks the reader on a journey of mystery and revelation. The novel tells us how a student of classic oxford literature discovers a scroll that holds great secrets, for which he will be wrapped in the protection of a map that reveals a series of mazes under the surface of Europa.

August Winthrop will have to protect the map while on the run from a series of enemies and secret agents. On his journey through Europe he will discover the Spain of the sorcerers and will also cross the border of the Basque Country, still immersed in the recovery of a terrible war.

T.S Learner considered in Australia as one of the best playwrights, she achieved great success with “Quiver”His original repertoire of short stories, of which more than 150,000 copies have been sold around the world. Being one of the ten best-selling authors, she repeats the success she achieved with “The sphinx”And gives us the opportunity to get excited with a thriller in the vein of other authors such as Dan Brown, Robert Harris and Kate Mosse.

Other works by T.S Learner are “The Witch of Cologne”, “Madonna mars"Y "Soul", Accompanied by a collection of short stories under the name of"Tremble”.

I was born in Madrid on August 27, 1988 and since then I started a work of which there is no example. Fascinated by both numbers and letters and a lover of the unknown, that is why I am a future graduate in Economics and Journalism, interested in understanding life and the forces that have shaped it. Everything is easier, more useful and more exciting if, with a look at our past, we can improve our future and for that… History.

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