Great sexual activity in Chinese petroglyphs from the Bronze Age

Great sexual activity in Chinese petroglyphs from the Bronze Age

The Kangjiashimenji petroglyphs discovered by Wang Binghua in the 1980s in the Xinjiang region of northwest China, are at this time the first illustrations representing homosexual intercourse in the world.

In the images you can see around 100 figures representing a fertility ritual, or several, and that could date back to 2000 years BC.

It is thought that the largest figures symbolize women with triangular torsos, well-defined legs and hips, wearing a kind of headdress. Conversely, men's images are smaller and with thin legs. The surprising thing is that in other images the previous two are intermingled, combining elements of men and women, with male phalluses but also with female headdresses.

Part of the participants that we can observe show characteristics of both sexes, so they could be identified as bisexual or hermaphroditic figures. Another possibility is that the figures believed to be bisexual are shamans or double spirits.

In one of the scenes we can see how women and men dance around a large bisexual figure about to penetrate a small woman with a clear vulva. On the left a figure with a mask is about to have sex with another small woman. Around the bodyless heads abound, perhaps it is a representation of his audience.

In another of the images you can see the figure of a woman who on both sides has men. The man on the left has a phallus that is almost his height, and the men on the right appear to be waiting their turn. In the lower left part, very small figures are observed that could be children emerging from the woman who in the lower right part is being penetrated simultaneously by a heterosexual and a bisexual.

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