Signs of arteriosclerosis in mummies around the world

Signs of arteriosclerosis in mummies around the world

In recent research published in The Lancet, it has been observed that mummies from thousands of years ago and from all over the world, show signs of arteriosclerosis, a pathology in which the hardening of the arteries occurs causing their narrowing, which can lead to the occlusion of the blood vessel preventing the flow of blood, thus giving heart attacks.

Caleb Finch, a neurobiologist at the University of Southern California and co-author of the study stated that on three different continents and five different prehistoric peoples, with unequal lifestyles and diets, they had arteriosclerosis.

In the research, through scanners, 137 mummies have been analyzed from 4,000 years ago from various parts of the planet, including Peru, Egypt and ancient Indian peoples, many of them intentionally mummified and others mummified naturally by the passage of time. In general, they did not reach 60 years of age.

Until now it had been believed that it was a disease derived only from today's diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle or stress, but the results show that it could be a universal disease and caused by aging in all human societies.

However, it is very difficult to determine how far back in human evolution this problem arose, but something is very clear: «chimpanzees, our closest relatives, do not suffer from this problem in the wild, but they do in captivityFinch explained.

There is no doubt that other diseases such as diabetes and obesity have been made worse by the modern diet, but an older diet perhaps I would not be able to eliminate them completely either.

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