World's smallest temple discovered in China

World's smallest temple discovered in China

One of the most important recent discoveries has been that of the smallest temple in the world, which is called Temple One, located in Damagou Township, one stop from the famous Silk Road. The little temple has been an amazing discovery to the world.

It measures 2 meters long and 2 meters wide, just enough space for a monk to perform his prayers and today it is considered one of the best preservedBuddhist temples by Taklamakan.

Shi Yan, Director of the Qira District Relic Cultural Institute, stated: “Temple One was a temple belonging to a noble family of the town. From it, we can enjoy the Buddhist culture of that time«.

The Temple One find happened almost by accident. Wu Xinhua, head of the archaeological team of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, acknowledged that “Several children roamed the area in search of firewood, and discovered a mound, which had walls that divided it into rooms, and one of these children intuited that there should be treasures under it, so they began to dig and finally found the monument”.

Some temple one walls they are below 2 meters in height.

The team of archaeologists has stripped all the dust and mud from its walls to reveal a complete mural of the God of the North. This god was in charge of fortune and was worshiped by all the families in the ancient area of ​​Hotan. They have also been searching inside the temple for remains of the former residents. But so far they have not been found.

Shi Yan stated that «Since there are relics inside the temple, people must have lived in it. So the remains of the residents should have been seen, but so far we haven't found anything«. Although no adjoining houses have been found, two other temples have been discovered 50 meters away, which are connected to each other by a corridor. Unlike Temple One, they have a great place to worship the public.

All three temples date back to the tang dynasty, around 1,500 years ago.

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