The Kunstkammer opens with the exhibition of the treasures of the Habsburgs

The Kunstkammer opens with the exhibition of the treasures of the Habsburgs

On February 28, the Kunstkammer in Vienna, recently renovated and improved, opened its doors to visitors in the Museum of Historical Art (Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna), returning after ten years with goldsmith work, bronze, ivory, wooden sculptures and exotic objects.

The Kunstkammer in Vienna is a only art camera in the world. The objects that compose it are of an extraordinary quality, since they were bought by the emperor or members of the imperial family. Among the most outstanding objects of the Vienna Kunstkammer are goldsmith works (such as the famous Saliera by Benvenuto Cellini, sculptures (such as the Madonna of Krumau), bronze statuettes, ivory objects, precious clocks, complex automatons, scientific instruments And a long etcetera.

To know a little of its history, it is necessary to know that the individual collectors of the Habsburg House played a decisive role in the expansion of the collections: some such as Kunst and Wunderkammer in Ferdinand II of Tirol (1529-1595) gathered objects such as the oldest collections of the emperors Federico III, Maximiliano I and Fernando I, exhibited for the first time in Ambras Castle, near Innsbruck, and others such as the Kunstkammer (art cabinet) of the emperor Rudolph II (1552-1612), have allowed all these objects to meet in the Kunstkammer in Vienna.

The Emperors of the Habsburg dynasty, especially Rudolph II, were avid collectors of the treasures currently on display at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Over the centuries, different members of the dynasty have contributed their own collections to the family, such as Benvenuto Cellini's salt shaker, created to mid 16th century or María Teresa's breakfast service, as well as many other objects of value and interest that have been collected since the Middle Ages.

The collection, which has been in the process of restoration from 2002 to 2012, is without a doubt invaluable. The Chamber of Art and Wonders of the Sovereigns they were the museum and the body of knowledge of the world at the time. Now more than 2,000 objects are presented in Vienna and exhibited for the first time revealing more than 1,000 years of history.

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