Roman baths discovered in Bulgaria

Roman baths discovered in Bulgaria

The director of the National Museum of History, Bozhidar Dimitrov, has announced the discovery of some Bulgarian archaeologists who have found the well-preserved remains of some Roman baths in the ancient Bulgarian city of Sozopol. “The team led by the director of the Museum of Archeology of Sozopol, Dimitar Nedev, has discovered the ancient Roman baths as part of their excavations in the area located in front of the walls of the Sozopol fortress”Said the historian.

According to Dimitrov, the building of the hot springs It is 18 meters long and has intricate water supply systems, as well as numerous pools of different sizes.

With the exception of the Roman baths in Hissarya and Varna, these are the best-preserved Roman baths found in Bulgarian lands.”, He added.

Dimitrov expressed his satisfaction at the series of discoveries made in Sozopol, and explained that he plans to hold an outdoor exhibition once the archaeological work is complete.

Sozopol was founded by Greek settlers in the century V BC. in what is now southern Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. Now, it is a popular tourist center that collects thousands of people a year who can visit the wonders of the ancient city, in addition to becoming very famous in recent months for the discoveries of vampire skeletons.

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