Dozens of 800-year-old skeletons discovered in Mexico

Dozens of 800-year-old skeletons discovered in Mexico

Archaeologists have found dozens of 800-year-old skeletons at a construction site in the central state of Puebla (Mexico), according to statements by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). Workers arrived last week at the construction site to install a drainage system in San Andrés Cholula, a city 15 minutes by car from the city of Puebla, and found the human remains while working on the excavations.

In addition to find at least 63 skeletons, archaeologists have cataloged containers and other characteristic objects of the Olmec and Xicalanca cultures.

Three months ago, teams from the National Institute of Archeology discovered other 12 800-year-old skeletons in an area located 500 meters away from this last find, so archaeologists think that the two places where the remains have been found probably they were part of a single necropolis.

Currently, a dozen researchers are in the Cholula excavation to examine the bones and other elements found, as reported by the INAH.

Cholula, which has already collected several archaeological discoveries such as 20 pre-Columbian skeletons found last yearIt is also the resting place of one of the largest pyramids in Latin America.

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