"La reina descalza", the new work by Ildefonso Falcones

Ildefonso Falcones (Barcelona 1959) returns to the literary scene with his new novel “The barefoot queen”, Which went on sale yesterday February 21. Edited by Grijalbo, the play is set in the cities of Madrid and Seville during the middle of the 18th century, and aims to be another best-seller like its predecessors: «The cathedral of the sea" Y "The hand of Fatima”.

On January 7, the publishing company announced that the novel is, as previously stated, a «recreation of Madrid and Seville from the mid-18th century«. In this context, a "story of friendship, passion and revenge" takes place, which ends up joining the forces of two women in a relentless fight for freedom.

The barefoot queentakes the reader to the hustle and bustle of the gypsy house in Triana, in Seville, to the stately theaters of Madrid, through the smuggling of tobacco and the persecution of the gypsy people.

With his first novel, «The Cathedral of the Sea»(2006), Idelfonso Falcones achieved unprecedented international success. Set in the medieval 14th century Barcelona in the background, this serialized work tells the story of the outlaw Arnau, who will experience a multitude of intrigues, passions, and betrayals under the protection of the imposing and splendid cathedral. Santa Maria del Mar. The work has been published in 43 countries and has sold more than five million copies worldwide.

It has also been worthy of several awards, including the 2006 Euskadi de Plata award for the best novel in the Spanish language, the Qué Leer award for the best book in Spanish of 2006, the José Manuel Lara Foundation award for the best-selling novel in 2006 and the famous Italian Giovanni Boccacio 2007 award to the best foreign author.

In addition, last November, the Barcelona production company Diagonal TV (1997) signed an agreement to acquire the audiovisual rights of the work.

The second novel of this Catalan lawyer, «The hand of Fatima»(2009), relates the expulsion of the Moors from Spain during the 16th century, through rigorous historical documentation. More than seven million copies of his two works come from, it is a figure strong enough to declare Idelfonso Falcones, as the best-selling Spanish historical novel writer in the world.

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