They sell the original Batmobile for 4.62 million dollars

They sell the original Batmobile for 4.62 million dollars

Last Saturday, January 19, at an auction in Phoenix, Arizona, the Batmobile was sold (or Batmobile) original from the 1960 television series starring Adam West like the Masked Crusader, for a whopping $ 4.62 million.

East iconic vehicle was created from a Concept Car model of Ford Lincoln Futura 1955 whose customization was carried out by George Barris. This one added small modifications to the vehicle, added the rear wings and all the accessories that the super hero required. It had the electric Turbo starter, mobile phone, radar screen, braking chute, anti-theft system, three rocket launchers located behind the domes and television screen.

Barris, 87, said in an interview conducted after the auction (held by Barrett-Jackson Auction House) what "it had supplied vehicles for movies and TV shows before, but this one had to be very different from the rest (…) The car had to be a star on its own. And it became a»Declared the author.

Barris owned the desired car before this one became the Batmobile. George contacted Ford with the intention of obtaining that model, and the brand sold it to him for a symbolic price of $ 1.

During the bidding, there were many bidders interested in such a coveted product. There was a reserve price set for the car, although it was not made public. However, the bidding was fierce and there was very little chance that this item would not reach the minimum set by the house. In the end, as we mentioned earlier, the bid was closed with a total of 4.62 million dollars.

This figure ties the previous record for the highest price paid at auction for a movie car. The 1964 Aston Martin DB5, driven by the handsome agent 007James Bond, played on the big screen by Sean Connery in James Bond vs. Goldfinger, also sold for $ 4.6 million in 2010.

The bidder who obtained the Batmobile, this time it was not anonymous. Is about Rick Champagne, a Phoenix-area businessman who has been a fan of the show since he was little. At that time he only had a toy Batmobile, now he has the real one.

«Sure enough, I had the opportunity to buy it. That was a dream come true»Exclaimed Champagne, 56, a few moments after purchasing the vehicle.

When asked about where he planned to park it, he replied “In the living room”, And the question is still open as to whether the bidder was only joking, or if, on the contrary, he was serious.

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