The destruction of Shilo, clarified after archaeological finds

The destruction of Shilo, clarified after archaeological finds

A few days ago it was found archaeological remains in the West Bank dating from the 18th century BC. C. Among other relics, a broken clay pot on a layer of reddish ash. The work carried out in Tel Shiloh are helping to define the incomplete history of ancient Shilo, which was once the Israeli capital. There was the Mishkan (famous Tabernacle), which was a spiritual center during the time of the Judges.

Behind the battle between philistines and israelites, the city was destroyed. The Bible points out that they were the first responsible for the devastation of the place. This is confirmed by studies carried out in the environment based on the findings that have been made for years.

The ashes found next to the aforementioned vessel indicate that the disappearance of this territory was caused by a huge and destructive fire.

The director of the current Tel Shiloh, Avital Selah informed the media about how these works were carried out. Up to 1,000 young volunteers from all over the country participated in them, carrying out massive excavations throughout the city.

Previous discoveries illuminate that this city was first populated in the Bronze Age. Various utensils were found dating from 1050 BC. Later vestiges of the Roman and Persian times were found. All kinds of ceramic objects, weapons and even animal remains were recovered with which they performed macabre rituals before burying them.

The Commission of the Ministry for the Historical Heritage of Israel has drawn up a list of thirteen new places of historical and cultural importance, which must be restored as soon as possible. Among them is Shilo, on West Bank terrain and under Palestinian administration.

The importance of this conclave falls back on biblical history, which indicates that in this place the famous Ark of the covenant, which kept the tables of the law where the ten commandments were written.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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