‘The shadow of the mercenary’, by Rufino Fernández

‘The shadow of the mercenary’, by Rufino Fernández

The shadow of the mercenary'It is a historical novel written with care, well documented, with a narrative technique that sometimes even resembles the poetry and correct phrases that reflect the feelings and passions of a soldier who awaits his death on top of a mountain.

Written in the first and third person, the author alternates the spaces that he dedicates to Abato since his old age with the narration of Aníbal's battles. Through jumps back and forth, Rufino Fernández goes through some episodes that marked the course of the Second Punic War, aptly illustrating an era and a man's life.

This resource may seem like a problem for the reader, initially lost in a nebula of constantly changing situations. The paragraphs written in the first person sometimes abruptly close the development of an event with the reflections of the mercenary, who brings us closer to his life, his feelings and concerns, to his face-to-face encounter with Cneo Cornelius Scipio or the adventures in Cannas, Ticino, Trasimeno or Zama as well as many others until the author shows how the battle of rome.

But through the subtlety of his language, the description of the situations, the richness of the nuances and a great narrative skill, Rufino Fernandez gets the reader hooked from start to finish.

Each chapter of the novel begins with one of the classic stories of Horace, Ovid, Seneca, Virgil or Cicero, which gives the novel an extra quality in a work that manages to have it from the beginning.

The shadow of the mercenary is not only written with great skill, but it is also most attractive. Episodes, carefully chosen, narrated with elegance and a large dose of blood and guts, they manage to keep the reader immersed in the story until the end.

Mythology, funeral rites, references to Homer, Herodotus and Confucius, detailed references to weaponry, combat techniques, geography of the region, the daily life of gladiators and real characters that are related to fictional ones are some of the significant elements of this novel, leaving us a story with which the reader can live a complete stage and feel part of it.

Almost graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. I started to like history in 2nd year of high school thanks to a very good teacher who made us see that we have to know our past to know where the future takes us. Since then, I have not had the opportunity to investigate more in everything that our history offers us, but now I can take up that concern and share it with you.

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