Stolen items seized on Egypt highway

Stolen items seized on Egypt highway

Egyptian police has confiscated a total of 863 stolen items of a man traveling on the road from Cairo to Suez last Wednesday. The man was trying to escape a police ambush after officers had requested to stop his vehicle for an inspection. The thief was arrested and is currently being held pending further investigation.

The collection includes Ancient objects from the Greco-Roman period and from the Islamic periods of Egyptian history.

Youssef Khalifa, Head of the Confiscated Antiquities Section of the Ministry of Antiquities, confirmed that all objects were authentic except for a dozen very accurate replicas.

The collection includes 180 small amulets, 10 scarabs, 120 Ptolemaic coins, 407 Roman quarrel coins and three wooden Osiris statues from the late 19th century. Ancient Egypt.

They also found a very well preserved limestone basin from the Old Kingdom with hieroglyphic inscriptions and the name of the priest of the King Senefru. Senefru was the founder of the Fourth Dynasty and the father of King Cheops, the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

In addition to the rest of the objects, they found a limestone statue depicting the bust of the god Ptah and a black granite statue of the goddess Hathor.

The Minister of Antiquities, Mohamed Ibrahim, stated that the investigations carried out so far show that the objects were illegally stolen from the excavations in different archaeological sites. A team from the ministry will study all the objects to discover their original location.

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