Ancient Stratoniekeia could get on the UNESCO list

Ancient Stratoniekeia could get on the UNESCO list

The largest marble city in the world, the ancient Greek city of Stratonikeia, which is currently the Yatagan Muğla District Province (Turkey), could be part of the provisional list of UNESCO as world heritage.

The director of the city's excavations and a professor at the University of Pamukkale, Bilal Söğüt, said that Stratoniekeia is one of the most important cities in Southwest Asia Minor. According to him Greek historian Strabo, was founded by the Seleucid king Antiochus Soter I (281-261 BC) and for most of its historical life it was inhabited mostly by Greek populations or Greek-speaking populations.

Söğüt reported that they had unearthed significant objects in the city every year during archaeological excavations: “It is a living archaeological city. It is unique. There is no other city where the structures have survived in their entirety from ancient times. For this reason the city must be classified as cultural heritage. We are going to finish this year's work and deliver the necessary forms to the General Directorate of Museums”.

According to Söğüt's statements, the latest excavations at Stratonikeia had started in June 2012 with the participation of 50 academics and students from eight universities, as well as 40 workers. He indicated that each academic carried out the work within his own area of ​​expertise, primarily in the ancient theater, the gymnasium, the basilica, the tombs, and the city walls. "The structures of the different periods of the ancient city were restored for visits."

The director also explained that during the 2012 excavations, they had found 725 objects, and all of them had been restored. "225 of these pieces can be presented directly on display. All discussions regarding the restoration work have ended and the objects were handed over to the Muğla Museum. The columns we found on West Street have also been restored. That 10 meter wide street gives an idea of ​​the true magnificence of Stratonikeia”.

On the other hand, Söğüt reported that the city theater it had also been built with a temple. "Stratonikeia is one of the places where the theater and the temple are in the best condition. The theater, which has a capacity of 15,000 people, has been completely excavated, the restoration process is now complete, and we have found the most perfect sewage system of the ancient era. We are very happy that they are kept in good enough condition to be used even today.”.

The Muğla Governor's Office will grant financial aid to finish this year the restoration of Hasan Şar House, within the ancient city.

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