Dashur's Ancient Egyptian heritage under threat

Dashur's Ancient Egyptian heritage under threat

The lack of security continues to negatively impact Egypt's archaeological sites. A few months ago, Ezbet Kheralla, in Old Cairo, seat of the first islamic monuments, received damage from neighboring residents. Now, it's Dahshur's turn.

The inhabitants of Ezbet Dashur invaded the archaeological zone adjacent to the Black Pyramid of King Amenemhat III with traps and weapons and excavated in a private cemetery to get the objects buried in the area, which had a cemetery of ancient Egyptian nobles that had already been excavated by a German team that discovered several funerary objects. The guards at the site tried to confront the invaders, but their attempts failed due to a shortage of weapons.

Nasser Ramadan, Managing Director of the Dahshur archaeological siteHe explained that he and his team reported the incident to the police, but they did not intervene. Even the Minister of State for Antiquities himself took no action to stop the invasion.

Ramadan added that Dashur had been the target of thugs and vandals since the Revolution of January 25 for lack of security measures, but previously they had not had this problem.

Looters also tried digging in the sand for artifacts to sell on the black market. "Our heritage is in danger and nobody does anything to rescue it”Said Ramadan, calling on all authorities interested in mobilizing to save and protect the ancient egypt heritage.

The Minister of State for Antiquities, Mohamed Ibrahim, regretted the event, and explained that the Tourism and Antiquities Police do not have enough forces to remove intrusions in archaeological sites. Furthermore, the fact that the invaders are armed complicates the situation.

We are going to carry out an investigation to force people not to invade archaeological sites”He declared. Dahshur is a necropolis located in the desert on the west bank of the Nile, 40 kilometers south of Cairo. It is known for its various pyramids, two of which belong to King Senefru, founder of the 4th dynasty and father of King Cheops. The others are pyramids and tombs that belong to the Middle Kingdom, including the Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III and the White Pyramid of Amenemhat II.

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