‘Legions of Rome’, the definitive history of the Roman imperial legions

‘Legions of Rome’, the definitive history of the Roman imperial legions

Stephen Dando-Collins has compiled in ‘Legions of Rome‘The first complete history of all the Roman imperial legions and their victories in combat. Thirty years of constant studies of biographical and archaeological sources and investigations in the most remote places of the planet, have given rise to a fantastic work that combines historical and detective work.

Legions of Rome'offers a detailed description of the weapons and equipment of each of the members of the Legion, their food, their day to day in the camp, the pay they received and the methods they used to motivate the ranks and punish them, as well as numerous personal stories of soldiers who excelled at the front lines. In addition, it describes the stories of units of all legions that served Rome for three centuries, from 30 BC. and carries out a chronological study of the campaigns in which the armies participated.

Also of special interest are the schematic pictures dedicated to the history of the legions, from their shield and origin to the most outstanding battles in which they intervened and the awards they obtained.

Legions of Rome'It shows the close relationship between the strength and operational capacity of the legions and the expansion of the Empire until it practically reached the entire known world at that time. Since Julius Caesar and his immediate successor, Octavio Augusto, the number and effectiveness of the legions increased to become an invincible army during the 1st to 3rd centuries AD. Its decline coincided with the reduction of troops, the lack of resources and the loss of the implacable discipline by which the Roman troops were characterized.

In addition, the volume has more than 150 maps, photographs, diagrams and battle strategies, which make it a unique and essential work for fans of ancient history or those interested in military history.

Historian and award-winning novelist, Stephen Dando-Collins is the author of several recognized works on ancient history, such as «Cleopatra's kidnappers«, «Nero's killing machine«, «The heroes of Marco Antonio«, «Caesar's Legion" Y "The blood of the Caesars«.

Almost graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. I started to like history in 2nd year of high school thanks to a very good teacher who made us see that we have to know our past to know where the future takes us. Since then I have not had the opportunity to investigate more in all that our history offers us, but now I can take up that concern and share it with you.

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