Artemis sculpture discovered in southwestern Turkey

Artemis sculpture discovered in southwestern Turkey

In the archaeological excavations that have just been completed in the ancient city of Alabanda (also known as Antioch of the Chrysaorians), it has been found the head of a marble sculpture of Artemis, 4th century BC The old city gates and walls from the Byzantine period, as explained by the head of the excavation team, Suat Ateşlier, from the academic department of the University of Archeology.

The walls were discovered near the Temple of Apollo, and the expert indicated that “we have also found a sculpture of a head of great value in the same area. The quality is very good and it is in good condition. This is the sculpture of the goddess”, Which explained that experts believed that it was the head of the sculpture of the goddess Artemis, sister of Apollo.

According to the head of the excavation team, the investigation began in July, and they have obtained many artifacts from the area since then. On December 20, however, the excavation was completed.

This year the geophysical analysis was also carried out in the area, where they found the temple of another goddess. The temple is located in Çine, in what is now known as the Turkish province of Aydin, and next year excavations will investigate that area further.

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