The largest Neolithic city in China identified

The largest Neolithic city in China identified

A team of archaeologists has excavated the largest Neolithic site in China, located northwest of Shaanxi province, which has in total four square kilometers of extension and an antiquity of 4,000 years. The conclusion of being the largest found has been taken by a total of 40 Chinese experts.

The city has magnificent stone walls and a large number of carved jade stones have been discovered, leading us to think that this was the central state of the first civilizations of North China.”Explained Zhang Zhongpei, Head of the Archaeological Society of China.

The ruins were first found in 1976 and it was believed that it was a small city, but many years of work and an arduous study carried out last year, came to find remains of its wall at a considerable distance from the center.

These walls spread over an area of ​​4.25 square kilometers, what makes it the largest ever found in China. In addition, a piece of mural has been found that archaeologists consider the oldest in the country.


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