A wall in Pompeii collapses due to heavy rains

A wall in Pompeii collapses due to heavy rains

A wall of the ancient city of Pompeii has collapsed last week, according to local archaeologists, this was the latest in a series of accidents suffered by the mythical Roman city buried by a volcanic eruption 2,000 years ago.

A section of a wall of an old house of approximately two meters was shot down due to heavy rain that fell on the city in recent weeks, and experts said previous landslides have already been linked to bad weather.

The area was already closed to the public because it was believed to be in danger of collapse, which is why it had already been included in the restoration program that is part of the “Great Pompeii Project”, For which the European Union has allocated 105 million euros.

Image: Storeye in Wikimedia

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