Work begins in an ancient city of Crete

Work begins in an ancient city of Crete

Archaeological work recently began at a site near Heraklion, a site whose name is still unknown, but which has been discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and is known to belong to a very ancient city of Crete. The site has been investigated for the first time in 1980, finding a large settlement that had been inhabited since the Late Minoan period, up to the Hellenistic years (1200 - 100 BC).

Many archaic buildings They were built as rooms and within these stone bases were found to support the wooden columns that were used to support the roof. Ceramics and other objects that decorated the columns were also found.
Likewise, vases, tools, lamps and animal figures have been found inside the rooms, which give us an even greater idea of ​​the way of life of its inhabitants.

Of particular importance is the discovery of clay plates where dressed female figures are represented, as well as male figures and satyrs. Among them, one stands out with a female figure in relief, undoubtedly a naked goddess.

Also others important ceramic objects they testify to the life of this settlement during the mentioned periods.

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