‘A distant kingdom’, the new novel by Isabel San Sebastián

‘A distant kingdom’, the new novel by Isabel San Sebastián

In the heyday of the Middle Ages, While The guilds and modern cities were forming until they became what we know now and where the role of women begins to gain relevance, a family torn apart by misfortune struggles to leave a dark time behind and plant the seeds for a civilized future.

A distant kingdom', from Isabel San Sebastian is a epic novel with a medieval setting little treated so far: from the brutal Mongol Empire to the reconquest of the Kingdom of Aragon by the Almogávares. From the development of cities, unions and the emergence of the bourgeoisie, to the emergence of a new role for women, who are beginning to make their way to have their place in the world. It is also a moving story of the struggle between a father and a son to overcome their differences, of a love based on sacrifice and the friendship of two women in a world against each other. It is a historical novel and at the same time an inner journey, which will reach the depths of the readers.

The novel is structured in three parts. In the first we find Guillermo de Gigente fighting with his father in the Jerusalem Crusades, where he will commit an imprudence that will cause both he and his father to be arrested as slaves and sent to the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire. Guillermo will awaken from his innocence and discover the harsh reality of a war full of injustice and cruelty while his father clings to the memory of his wife Braira and his faith to remain unshakeable in the face of the difficulties that have been presented to him.

The second part places us in Barbastro, Aragon. On this occasion we will meet Inés, a master weaver with a stigma on her face that has made her a strong and determined woman. As she tries to overcome her past traumas, she will have her friend Braira, with whom she will experience the full flowering of the guilds and the air of freedom that allowed citizens, including women, to prosper regardless of their origins.

Finally, the destinies of the protagonists will meet and culminate with the reconquest of Mallorca and Valencia, the intrigues of the palace after the death of Emperor Frederick II and the violence experienced after the landing of Aragon in Italy.

The author.
Isabel San Sebastian She has worked in the press, radio and television and is currently the presenter of the Alto y Claro debate on Telemadrid, in addition to hosting the program El Contrapunto on ABC Punto Radio. However, he has not wanted to put aside his passion for writing, and has published three novels to date with a great reception by readers: The Visigoth, Astur and Imperator.

Almost graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. I started to like history in 2nd year of high school thanks to a very good teacher who made us see that we have to know our past to know where the future takes us. Since then I have not had the opportunity to investigate more in all that our history offers us, but now I can take up that concern and share it with you.

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