Event on November 23: «Brushstrokes of broken dreams»

Event on November 23: «Brushstrokes of broken dreams»

Next Friday, November 23, the graphologist Sandra Cerro will give in his workshop the talk “Brushstrokes of broken dreams, handwriting sketch of the drawings and writings of the Terezin children”, Where unpublished material will be shown such as drawings of the children who were found in that concentration camp when Czechoslovakia was dominated by the Nazis.

Terezin, formerly called Theresienstadt, was during Nazism a concentration camp located 60 km from Prague that at that time, was taken by the population as a model Jewish colony, when behind its walls it hid the opposite.

Although it was a concentration camp, it was also used as a pre-Auschwitz camp and others destined exclusively for extermination.
The central theme of the talk will be the drawings of these children, a moving and very interesting topic that can be enjoyed next Friday at 7:00 p.m.

Day: November 23
Time: 19 hours
Place: Sandra Cerro Graphology Center
Address: C / Alcalá 20, 6º

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