They find a 500-year-old mummy in Peru

They find a 500-year-old mummy in Peru

Peruvian archaeologists announced last Tuesday the discovery of mummified remains of a woman dated 500 years ago and belonging to the pre-Columbian culture Chancay, which inhabited the region between the years 1100 and 1450.

The woman, whose age has not yet been determined, was involved in one of three funeral bundles discovered in the Pisquillo-Las Shicras deposit, in the coastal province of Huaral, 90 km north of Lima.

Walter Tosso, who heads the team of archaeologists working at the site, said the woman was probably a member of one of the most prestigious families of ancient culture. “She was not a village villager”Tosso explained.

The specialists they are now working on the funeral bundle, which is wrapped with several layers of fabric, as well as in the other two bundles found, although they were wrapped with a smaller amount of fabrics.

According to specialists, This study will provide valuable information about the Chancay Culture, as will also shed light on its burial process. This will be the first time that archaeologists will study the bundles in depth, although Chancay fabrics exist in museums and collections, but until now they have never been studied to understand the details of the burials of that culture.

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