Archaeologists dig a Neolithic well in Israel

Archaeologists dig a Neolithic well in Israel

A team of Israeli archaeologists has found a well dating from the Neolithic (about 8,500 years), as explained by the Antiquities authorities of the country, adding that the skeletal remains of two people were found.

The well, discovered in the Jezreel Valley in northern Galilee, contained a wide variety of artifacts, as well as the remains of a woman approximately 19 years old, and those of an older man.”They commented.

Archaeologists do not know how the couple got to the well, but they did rejoice when discover an ancient water source inside.

The finds from this period are unique in the archeology of Israel and also of the prehistoric world in general”Explained Omri Barzilai, Director of the Prehistoric branch of the Institute of Antiquities.

Via: Israel Antiquities Authority

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