Medieval "vampire" burial discovered in Britain


A vampire burial in Britain (in the old cathedral city of Southwell) dating from 550 - 700 BC. and that he was pierced with metal nails in his back, heart and ankles.

It is believed to be a type of burial for people people considered vampireswho could rise from their graves to torment the living, as we have already seen with the cases of vampire burials in Bulgaria. However, the victims of this type of burial were usually people excluded from society who scared others with their behavior outside the accepted. Only a few of these burials have been discovered in the UK.

The skeleton was found by archaeologist Charles Daniels during his original research in Chruch Street in 1959, which revealed several Roman remains. Beresford noted that when daniels found the skeleton, the first thing he did was check if his fangs were unusually developed.

"In the 1950s, horror movies were very popular and people who had seen Christopher Lee play Dracula had been very shocked," Beresford said.

In his report, Beresford explains that “Throughout the Anglo-Saxon period, the punishment of being buried in the ground, face down, beheaded or staked was reserved for thieves, murderers or traitors and even excluded people who did not conform to social norms: adulterers, disruptors of the peace, heretics, etc.”.

The archaeologist believes that the remains can still continue to be buried in the place where they originally rested since Daniels was unable to remove the body from the ground. “If we look closely, it seems that it could still get up at some point”Noted Beresford, who said, however, that nothing is known other than the fact that it comes from some time in Southwell's history.

John Lock, head of the Department of Archeology at Southwell, explained that the find was one of the few burials of this type found in the UK. “Many people are interested in it, but we don't know why it was discovered in the 1950s and now we don't know where the remains are.”.

Lock added that no one was sure why the body was buried that way. “People think that it was someone who, for whatever reason, should be buried in such a way that it was impossible for that person to return”.

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