The oldest human settlement in Europe

The oldest human settlement in Europe

A team of scientists led by Bulgarian archaeologist Vassil Nikolov, has discovered a settlement near Provadia, about 410 kilometers northeast of Sofia, which dates from 4,700 to 4,200 BC., in the vicinity of a salt production center, which seems to have been the source of enrichment for the region in that period.

The prehistoric village discovered in Bulgaria it is the oldest urban settlement found to date in Europesaid Nikolov, a professor at the Bulgarian National Institute of Archeology. The stone walls his team discovered in the excavation are around 3 meters high and 2 meters thick and are believed to be the oldest fortifications found in the history of Europe.

We started excavation work in 2005, but only after this excavation have we gathered sufficient evidence to support this claim."Nikolov assured AP.

So far, the team has unearthed the remains of a settlement composed of two-story houses in a diameter of about 100 meters, surrounded by a fortified wall.

Carbon analysis has determined that the settlement dates from the Chalcolithic (also called the Copper Age) between 1,400 and 4,200 BC, over a thousand years before the start of ancient Greek civilization. “The new samples from the excavations have been sent to the University of Cologne in Germany for further evaluation.”Nikolov explained.

Bulgaria, a Balkan country of 7.3 million inhabitants, it is home to numerous discoveries of the Neolithic and Chalcolithic, as well as significant remains of the urban centers of the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras, without forgetting the vampire burials.

The settlement near Provadia It was made up of 350 people who produced salt from the saline remains of the rocks. “They boiled the water from the salty springs in brick ovens and used it as payment currency to make exchanges with neighboring tribes”, Explained the archaeologist, citing the possible relationship between the gold and copper jewels that have been discovered in the region. The most valuable collection ever discovered consists of 3,000 gold pieces, discovered 40 years ago near the Black Sea city of Varna.

For millennia, salt was one of the most precious goods in the world, as it was used as a bargaining chip”He said, adding that surely the massive stone walls were built like this to keep the salt safe.

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