Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War

There is no doubt that Call of duty It has become one of the phenomena of this generation of video games, being one of the great references within the sector. One of the aspects that stands out most in this saga is its setting, specifically in the title developed by Treyarch, Call of Duty: World at War, although it is already here Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and we bring you the new trailer.

Retaking World at war, This game has a great historical component since the events take place during the Second World War, a theme widely used in other great games such as Medal of honor Y Brothers in Arms and that has given very good results.

The Call of Duty saga In its beginnings, it already touched on historical themes set in the WWIIHowever, it did not achieve much less the success that it has achieved now. The boom of the saga came with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, although this time the title was set in a modern conflict. Its game mechanics and renewed graphics made it become one of the greats of the genre. With the next installment, Call Of Duty: World At War, Treyarch decided to return to World War II with the intention of definitively perfecting the genre.

The game is made up of two story lines. In one of them we will control soldier Miller, with whom the game begins. In the first scene you can already feel the tone that the campaign will have, with bloody scenes and a rather foul language typical of a war, of course. This harshness is especially visible in the missions of the Russian army, which will begin with the Nazis cruelly taking Stalingrad. In this part of the game we will go together with Sergeant Reznov, who will not beat around the bush when it comes to annihilating enemies. The other campaign takes place in the Pacific, which is much milder than the first, in terms of violence and blood.

In general, the campaign is not very innovative either, although the advances and improvements that have been made with respect to the first titles of the saga can be made palpable. All this will allow us to experience the conflict from a new point of view, fulfilling the expectations that had been placed on the game, although a little below expectations.

Regarding the visual section, Call of Duty: World at War leaves very good feelings. The enemies have a great level of detail although sometimes certain symptoms of repetition can be noticed, as for example in the great German army. The weapons have been perfectly recreated and feature a spectacular design. The strong point of the title are the scenarios, very well set and varied, alternating between the jungle of the Japanese islands and the cities that will be devastated at the hands of the Red Army.

The action in the game is constant, taking full advantage of the capabilities of this new generation of consoles. Explosions, landslides and other effects will be the order of the day and will not allow the player even a second of rest. For example, some levels of the game in which we will have a flamethrower to burn everything that crosses our path. The rest of the weapons will range from submachine guns to heavy machine guns, as well as shotguns or sniper rifles. Note also the japanese army artificial intelligence, in which the soldiers will pretend to be dead to ambush us. Regarding the German army, they are less radical than the Japanese and will continually seek cover, which further contrasts the two stories.

One of the novelties of the title is the possibility to play the campaign cooperatively, allowing to overcome the different missions with up to 3 companions, which lengthens the life of the game considerably. Another novelty is the competitive component that they have added, including a score marker as it happens in the multiplayer section, rewarding the number of enemies that we eliminate and the ways in which we kill them.

Thus, the title offers its true potential the moment we play with a friend, since the adventure will become much more intense and fun. This will allow you to make joint decisions and devise strategies to kill the enemies. In addition, there is the Nazi Zombies mode, where you will have to resist waves of undead enemies, the only downside of this mode is that it is reduced to a single stage, however it will add more hours of life to the game since it is a very replayable mode.

Observing the work they did in the online section with the previous installment, this title could not be less. In this case Treyarch has decided to include something new with respect to its predecessor but without changing anything on the base beyond the maps and kill streak bonuses. It should be noted the inclusion of vehicles, a satisfactory novelty although somewhat weak. There are some maps like the one named Asylum or Castle very remarkable, although there are others that are not up to expectations. Regarding the vehicles, they seem too lethal, taking a bit of the excitement out of the game. In general, they have achieved a very polished and fun multiplayer section although perhaps a little below the previous installment since the innovations introduced have not managed to fit fully into the game.

In conclusion, we are facing a great gamePerhaps a bit continuous with respect to other editions, but Treyarch has managed to perfectly set the scene for that genre as successful as that of the battles during World War II, providing a different and personal touch with respect to what has already been seen before. As a result, they have managed to offer an intense and fun campaign, especially in cooperative mode, and although it has a slightly exaggerated dose of action, it is undeniable that the game manages to convey perfectly the warlike atmosphere experienced during the Second World War. The game is available for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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