‘Leonardo interactive’ brings Da Vinci into the 21st century

‘Leonardo interactive’ brings Da Vinci into the 21st century

The only work of Leonardo Da Vinci in Spain, the Madrid I and II codices, are accessible from now on from anywhere in the world thanks to the initiative "Interactive Leonardo”, Which has been launched thanks to the National Library of Spain (BNE), which has also been in charge of guarding the codices that can be accessed through the website.

The project, the result of the collaboration between the BNE and Telefónica, has been carried out thanks to the good reception it had "The interactive Don Quixote”At the end of October 2012 and that already has more than 2,300,000 visits. Thanks to BNE followers in a Facebook poll, the Da Vinci codices have been chosen as the next interactive work.

Interactive Leonardo”Allows users access to 718 digitized pages after the restoration process to which the codices have been subjected, as well as the possibility of linking with more than 120 works of the time, 42 3D animations and a chronological map that collects passages from the life of Da Vinci. Also included are some manuscripts found in the archives of the BNE in 1964 that were believed lost for 150 years, in which you can access 11 music tracks of the time, two of them with reconstructions improved by Da Vinci as the viola organista .

The codices date from the most fruitful period of the da Vinci's life, where the first one is a treatise on mechanics and statics and the second deals with fortification, geometry and statics.

The treaty will allow, through interactive elements such as games and applications for mobiles and tablets, a more fun approach to the life and work of Da Vinci.

Interactive Leonardo”Is a complete x-ray of the Da Vinci texts in which more than 20,000 hours of work have been invested by an integrated team of 40 professionals, including librarians, researchers, computer scientists, designers and managers.

The Secretary of State for Culture, José María Lassalle, maintains that this type of initiative opens “a window of hope and illusion" in "hard times", And has supported the BNE saying that it has carried out"a valuable work of innovation that makes culture available to everyone”.

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