They discover a commercial archive in cuneiform in Kültepe

They discover a commercial archive in cuneiform in Kültepe

Near 24,000 ancient business documents written in cuneiform They have been discovered in central Anatolia, in the ancient city of Kültepe, explained city mayor Mehmet Özhaseki.

Various 6,000-year-old checks and invoices have been discovered in excavations at the Kayseri site, authorities explained. "Trade is traditionally important to our population. The clans that lived in this city 6,000 years ago founded commercial colonies and exchange of goods and people that came to Mesopotamia”Commented the mayor.

He also added that “It is common to find pots, sculptures or illustrations in Anatolia, but everything discovered in Kayseri is curious because they are usually tickets, invoices or checks, among other commercial documents, which tells us absolutely the entire commercial life of our ancestors in the region”.

Via Hurriyet

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