Byzantine vessel found in Turkey

Byzantine vessel found in Turkey

A farmer who was picking watermelons in Turkey's northwestern Düzce’s Çilimli province, found a ancient byzantine vessel believed to date back to the early days of that civilization and is considered an important discovery.

The farmer named Servet Akyüz who lives in the town of Topçular, pointed out that when he picked up the watermelons he noticed that the soil was too soft, and after digging a little more he uncovered the huge byzantine vessel in question.

The local gendarmerie took the necessary security measures around the vessel to avoid any type of damage, before the special teams of the Konuralp Museum excavate the area to remove it.

Museum Director Yunus Reyhan Taşçıoğlu said that the byzantine vessel It measures 1.4 meters by 1.2 meters and that had been used to protect agricultural products in the early days of civilization.

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