Is this the tomb of the family of Alexander the Great?

Is this the tomb of the family of Alexander the Great?

A team of archaeologists has unearthed a tomb in the city of Amphipolis, north of Greece, which they believe could belong to the wife and son of Alexander the Great, Roxane and Alejandro IV.

The circular enclosure, about 3 meters high, is located in an urban area very close to the small town of Amphipolis. Team leader Katerina Peristeri noted that it is too early to speak with certainty about the identity of the discovery.

Of course this venue is something we have not seen before, neither in Vergina nor anywhere else in Greece. There is no question about this. However, no association with great historical figures can be taken into account, at least for the moment, due to lack of evidence and lack of funds to be able to continue excavating”, He commented.

The area has been known since 1965 as “Kasta tom”, But these are the first excavations to be carried out there. The project started without any guaranteed funds, but soon began to give great results. Analysts suggest that conclusions about who are in the tombs cannot be founded until the tombs themselves are first unearthed, and then until the tombs themselves are unearthed. find out the identity of those who rest in them.

However, local authorities and the media were quick to state and believe that the tomb belongs to the wife and son of Alexander the Great, who according to legend, were ostracized to Macedonia after Alexander's death. There, both Roxane (his wife), like Alexander IV (his son), were assassinated.

Tradition says that the two victims were buried in Amphipolis, but there is no evidence, so far, that that is true.

Via Greek Reporter

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