They find the tomb of the Mayan queen K`abel

They find the tomb of the Mayan queen K`abel

A team of archaeologists has discovered in Guatemala the tomb of the Mayan queen Lady K`abel, considered one of the great queens of classical Mayan civilization. The tomb was discovered during excavations at the Mayan royal city of Peru-Waka in northwestern Petén, Guatemala, by a team of archaeologists led by David Freidel and Washington University in St. Louis.

A small carved alabaster jar found in the burial chamber where they worked led archaeologists to conclude that the tomb was from Lady K`abel. In addition, they found a carved snail shell, from which the head and arm of a middle-aged woman emerge from the opening.

The representation of the mature woman with the wrinkled face and a lock of hair in front of the ear, and four glyphs carved in the same jar, determined that it indeed belonged to Lady K`abel.

Based on these tests and others that include ceramic vessels and a stela with engravings on the outside, the Professor of Arts and Sciences and scholar Maya Freidel, determined that It belongs to the Mayan queen in question.

Freidel says that the discovery is not significant just because it belonged to one of the most great mayan queens, but also because it is not frequent to find the large number of records that this tomb contained.

The classical Mayan civilization is the only one in the "classical" archaeological field, of which there is no historical record of texts and images that help the work, as it did in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia or China”, Explained the expert.

The exact nature of the information offered by the jar found together with its context, constitute an extraordinary and unusual set for the archaeological records of the Mayan area.”.

The discovery, according to the experts, it has been “fortuitous”, Although they have been working in that area for many years, as it is loaded with religiosity, finding altars, sacrifices and dedicated offerings, instead of private burials as is the custom. “In hindsight, it makes perfect sense that people from Peru-Waka bury the outstanding people of your city here ”, explains Freidel.

With this discovery, archaeologists now finish understanding why that area was so revered and especially, a temple found a short time ago by this group of archaeologists: Lady K`abel was buried there.

¿Who was K`abel?

K`abel is considered as the greatest Mayan ruler of the Late Classic period, who reigned with her husband K`inich Bahlam for at least 20 years (672-692 AD). It was titled "Kaloomte", Which translates as" Supreme Warrior ", because who ruled this civilization militarily.

¿What is Peru-Waka?

Peru-Waka It is an ancient Mayan city located about 75 km west of the famous city of Tikal. He was part of the Classic Maya civilization (200-900 AD) and is made up of almost a square kilometer of squares, palaces, pyramids, temples and residences, surrounded by scattered temples and dwellings.

In this link we leave you the access to the full report of this discovery.

Via: Washington University in St. Louis

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