Mosasaurus skeleton found in Holland

Mosasaurus skeleton found in Holland

We continue with the news of discoveries of dinosaur skeletons in Europe, but this time, the skeleton of a mosasaurus of 13 meters has been found in a limestone quarry in Maastricht, Holland. Mosasaurs were marine reptiles that lived in the time of the dinosaurs, and this Dutch city at that time was covered by a shallow tropical sea.

Anne Shulp, a paleontologist at the Maastricht Museum of Natural History, explained “We found all the bones scattered around here and we didn't think it was a complete skeleton. The large area they covered is due to the fact that the corpse ended up on the bottom of the sea and the scavenger sharks scattered their remains throughout the area”.

The results to date indicate that the remains belonged to the ancient "Mosasaurus hoffmanni", or at most, of a neighboring species that lived about 67 million years.

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