Five 2,800-year-old tombs found in Peru

Five 2,800-year-old tombs found in Peru

A team led by Japanese archaeologist Yuji Seki, has discovered five tombs in Peru dating from between 700-800 BC. in the religious center Pacopampa, in Cajamarca.

The five graves they are believed to have belonged to the five members who ran an ancient religious temple on the site. One of them has already been confirmed that it belonged to a young member of the elite, although the gender of the remains remains to be determined.

Among the artifacts recovered from the 2,800-year-old tombs, we found gold medallions, ceramics and stone beads, according to the Peruthisweek site. In addition to the tombs and walls of the enclosure, monoliths, stelae and pottery have been found.

Archaeologists believe that Pacopampa it developed shortly after the Chavín culture. The exploration of the site is carried out through a project carried out jointly by the University of San Marcos and the National Ethnographic Museum of Osaka, Japan.

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