The body of the Mona Lisa has yet to be found

The body of the Mona Lisa has yet to be found

The skeleton unearthed in the Convent of Santa Ursula in Florence, Italy, does not belong to the Mona Lisa, as reported by investigators working at the site.

The archaeologists who found the remains in May 2011, thought at the time that they were the remains of Lisa Gherardini, considered the model of the work The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Now, archaeologists have clarified that they unearthed the wrong body.

The accounting books kept by the nuns of this convent tell us that, presumably, the remains exhumed today are those of María del Riccio, a well-off woman who died in 1609”, Explained Silvano Vinceti.

Lisa gherardini She was the wife of a wealthy Florence merchant, who is believed to have died in 1542 and was buried in the Florentine convent. Vinceti's team has so far found skeletal remains of four female bodies, including Riccio's, at this site.

However, Vinceti believes that he is very close to unearthing Lisa's body without having to dig deeper than where Lisa's body has been found. Riccio.

The burial method used by nuns during this period, stacking graves one on top of the other, suggests that the Mona Lisa could be underneath the tomb that contained Del Riccio”Vinceti explained.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Bologna, they will analyze the remains of bones to find out by all possible means if they belong to someone named Riccio. A comparison of the DNA from the skeleton with that of the Gherardini children, believed to be buried nearby, may provide some more information.

Reconstruction of the skeleton face, with the help of forensic experts, may lead to a clearer conclusion as to whether this skeleton belonged to the Mona Lisa.

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