They find a Roman theater in Turkey

They find a Roman theater in Turkey

A ancient Roman theater from the 2nd century BC., has been discovered in the ancient city of Pompeiopolis, in Taskopru, in the northern Turkish province of Kastamonu.

Professor Latife Summerer, professor at Kastamonu University and Head of the excavations in the ancient city of Pompeiopolis, told the media last Friday that archaeological works this year they were going very well and that “they were reaching a very good port after six years of great effort”.

He expressed in turn that discovered the white marble steps of the ancient Roman theater and that in general, the architectural state of the same is very good. He added in turn that as the archaeological excavation of the ancient city of Pompeiopolis continues, its main objective is to fully recover the theater.

Pompeiopolis offers a huge amount of archaeological remains, being an ancient Roman city founded by the Commander Pompey, who built the city on Zimbilli Hill, baptizing it that way.

Anadolu Agency.

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