A WWII bomb is detonated in the center of Munich

A WWII bomb is detonated in the center of Munich

It has been located in Germany, in the center of Munich, another Unexploded bomb from WWII, but unlike the previous ones, which have been removed and deactivated without any difficulty, this one was destined to play a more dramatic role.

The North American bomb was found in the rubble of the famous Schwabinger 7 cocktail bar, which came to be known as “the darkest bar in the world”And that it was demolished last year due to popular protests over the site.

Fortunately for the site wreckers, the bomb was buried three meters deep, so it had never been found or removed. Now, while laying the foundation for a new construction, it has been found and authorities tried to defuse the bomb at the site, but had problems with the chemical that delays the action of the detonator.

After hard work, they gave up on that company and they decided to detonate it, although for this they had to evict some 2,500 people from the environment (the bomb was in the most populated center of Munich).

Hay and thousands of sandbags were stacked around the pump to help absorb the blast, until it was detonated last Tuesday at 10 p.m. (german time).

The blast force he broke the windows of the surrounding houses, the hay was ignited and the houses were blown up, but absolutely nothing has happened, other than minor damage, thanks to the efficient work of the fire brigade.

Experts say that the bombs discovered in Germany there are thousands a year, but very few make the news, only the really important or cases like this.

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