30,000 ancient pieces from a sunken ship in China rescue

30,000 ancient pieces from a sunken ship in China rescue

More of 30,000 old pieces will be rescued in total from the merchant ship Nan’ao-1, which sank off the coast of Guangdong province, in China, about 500 years ago.

After holding a underwater archaeological mission, near 10,000 old pieces have been recovered, which will be exhibited at the Nan’ao Museum in Shantou, said Huang Yingtao, Museum Director.

The rescue operation, which began in June, had to be suspended due to the effects of Typhoon Kai-Tak, which skimmed the coastal area of ​​Guangdong. The current round of underwater archeology work at Nan’ao-1It will end at the end of September, said Cui Yong, Head of the Archaeological Team working at the site.

Previously, archaeologists recovered more than 20,000 antiquities, especially porcelain and copper coins, in addition to identifying some 25 cabins.

The ship sank in the waters of the Sandianjin el Nan’ao, Shantou, in the middle or late Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), thus joining the two ships of that time that have already been found. Also, Guangdong is known to have been an important maritime trade center in Ancient China.

Experts said the antiques salvaged from Nan’ao-1 provide evidence that the “Maritime Silk Road”, Once existed in the South China Sea.


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