Triceratops fossil discovered in Canada

Triceratops fossil discovered in Canada

A team of archaeologists working on dinosaur excavations, has found a great triceratops skeleton east of Drumheller, Alberta (Canada).

It took paleontologists 12 days to unearth the skeleton of the three-horned herbivore and about 2,000 kilos of weight at the beginning of this summer.

Dr. François Therrien, Curator of Paleoecology at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, said a former employee noticed the 65-million-year-old fossil peeking out after being exposed by erosion.

Once unearthed, it was discovered that the vertebra measures over 60 cm tall and the ribs almost two meters long. Therrien says that Triceratops bones are more prevalent in Saskatchewan and Montana.

This will allow us to compare Alberta Triceratops with those found in Saskatchewan and Montana, and see if there are any differences.", said. "Perhaps that discovery will give us much more information about the Triceratops in this locality”.

Plans are underway to display the skeleton in the Royal Tyrrell Museum at the end of that year. "If visitors arrive during winter, they will be able to see the preparation of the Triceratops skeleton.”.

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