They find a Minoan village in Crete

They find a Minoan village in Crete

A Minoan village dating back to 1,600 - 1,400 BC., has been discovered in the mountainous area of ​​southeastern Crete. The building, according to the archaeologists involved in the excavation, seems to be in fairly well preserved despite being destroyed, and everything indicates that its inhabitants fled after its destruction, without taking any of the objects that were inside.

The cause of destruction and reasons for abandonment of building have not yet been verified, but they are expected to emerge with the progress of the excavation.

Numerous Minoan villas They have been located and excavated in Crete, although they are all commonly found in the lowlands and plains, where they are traditionally associated with agriculture.

The newly found building It is the second to be found at such a high altitude in Crete, the previous example being the one found in Zominthos.

This excavation will try to understand the importance of mountainous regions for the Minoan economy and determine the natural resources that the Minoans found there.”, Explained the head of the excavation Dr. Yannis Papadatos.

He also stressed that “The second objective is to begin to understand what happened in Ierapetra during the Minoan era, for which there is little evidence”.

Dr. Papadatos concludes thatDespite the variable importance of this valley, we do not have the slightest idea of ​​the location of the main Minoan settlement, nor do we know if there was any kind of administrative or palatial center such as those that have already been excavated in Gournia, Gialos and Myrtos. . We hope that this building in Anatoli will help us answer these questions.”.


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