Egypt's oldest burial ship found

Egypt's oldest burial ship found

According to the weekly newspaper Al-Ahram, Egyptologists from the French Institute of Oriental Archeology in Cairo (IFAO) have discovered 11 wooden panels of a funeral boat used by ancient Egyptians to transport the soul of their late king to the world of the dead.

Researchers believe that the ship, measuring 6 meters by 1.50 meters, was built 5,000 years ago during Den's reign (Udimu), one of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

The boat is very well preserved and almost intact, thanks to the dry desert environment”Said the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim.

The first studies of the panels indicated that the ship belonged to King Den of the First Dynasty, who was not buried at Abu Rawash, but whose tomb was discovered in the royal necropolis of the first kings of the Upper Egyptian civilization, Abydos.”, Explained Ibrahim.

Egyptians believe that the King Den brought prosperity to the land and many novelties were attributed to his reign, such as being the first to use granite in construction and decoration.

Located eight kilometers northwest of the Giza plateau, Abu Rawash It is known to include archaeological remains dating from different historical periods.

The discovered panels have been sent to the National Museum for restoration and reconstruction in their laboratories, and the funeral ship is expected to be exhibited next year in the Nile Hall of the Egyptian Museum.

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