Dramatized visit to the castle of Monzón on August 28

Dramatized visit to the castle of Monzón on August 28

The Monzón castle (Huesca), a fortress of Arab origin built in the 10th century and which would soon pass into Christian hands after the conquest of Sancho Ramírez in 1089, will offer the next Tuesday August 28 a theatrical visit called "Stories and tenants of the castle”, Which took place last year and was attended by approximately 200 people.

The tour takes place together with the castle tourist guide and the actor Jesús Pescador, who belongs to the company "The Navigators”. While the first explains to the public the most important historical passages of the castle, the second will play various characters while adding informative anecdotes.

Among the characters he plays, we find an Aragonese shepherd, a Moorish musician, a Templar knight or King Jaime I.

¿Why take these tours? The organization is clear about it: “Faced with the routine of going anywhere, reading the panels and finding out little or nothing, this initiative makes the stones speak, links the past with the present by establishing political, cultural and social parallels, and seeks the complicity of the public . As for the notes of humor, the objective is to relativize the great facts, never to frivolize”.

Finally, we must emphasize that The entrance for the theatrical visit to the castle of Monzón is completely free.

Image: tourismcincamedio

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