Archaeologists excavate the ancient city of Peperikon in Bulgaria

Archaeologists excavate the ancient city of Peperikon in Bulgaria

From the last August 15, Bulgarian archaeologists led by Nikolai Ovcharov have begun excavating two ancient tombs made of stone blocks in what was a sacred precinct of Peperikon, in Bulgaria.

Ovcharov commented that they are expected to, provide very important information about the history of that city in the Middle Ages.

This new archaeological season in Peperikon focuses on the site's acropolis, where Ovcharov's team of archeologists hope to find the Episcopal residence from the 13th to the 14th centuries.

According to the researcher, some weeks ago some of the golden treasures of the bishops of Peperikon, along with 11 gold and six silver coins, which were part of a treasure that was looted approximately 20 years ago and which is known to have originally included about 50 gold coins.

Also, to date more than 100 tombs from between the 12th and 14th centuries have been discovered, while another 15 are waiting to be explored these days.

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