They discover an old amphora in Dénia

They discover an old amphora in Dénia

An amphora dating from the 4th century BC., has been discovered buried three meters deep near the port of Denia, Alicante (Spain). Santoja Gisbert, said that the amphora is in perfect condition and has identified it as "Punic", A unique type that It was produced in Ibiza between 400/375 and 300 BC..

In relation to other similar discoveries that have been made in various settlements and underwater sites throughout the region between Almería and the Balearic Islands, it is a clear evidence of the expansion of Eivissa wine and its consumption by the Iberian tribes.

Its presence is especially relevant since fills a historical void what connects Iberian culture and existing settlements in the vicinity of Dénia.

A representative of the Archaeological Museum of Dénia, said they were very grateful to Álvaro Gómez Ferrer, who discovered the element, with the local police for their collaboration in the excavation of the site.

A full report will be prepared by the experts and published in the Underwater Archeology Center of the Generalitat Valenciana.


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