16 severed hands discovered in Ancient Egyptian palace

16 severed hands discovered in Ancient Egyptian palace

A team of archaeologists carried out a “macabre”Find around a palace of Ancient Egypt, at find 16 severed hands 3,600 years old in four different wells, believed to be a royal burial of the hyksos. All the remains belong to right hands and they are all oversized.

Austrian archaeologist Manfred Bietak, who leads the excavations in the ancient city of Avaris, explained to the journal Egyptian Archeology, that severed hands could be the first evidence that would support the ancient egyptian writings on the art of some soldiers from cut off the right hand of his fallen enemies, as it was symbolically believed that cutting them would reduce the enemy forces.

In this way, they were deprived of their power for all eternity”Explained Bietak. "This find is the only and oldest physical evidence on that matter.", And added that"each well represents a different ceremony”.

Two of the pits, each containing one hand, were located in front of a throne room built in Egypt, believed to have been once controlled by invaders who arrived, probably from Canaan. The rest, probably buried at a later date, are outside the palace grounds.

You can expand more information in the Tell El-Dab’a Report 2011.

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