2,000-year-old Roman ship found in Italy

2,000-year-old Roman ship found in Italy

A team of divers says they have discovered a ship off the Italian coast and they think it has approximately 2,000 years old. The ship was found in the sea off the town of Varazze, in the province of Liguria, and is believed to be a well-preserved Roman-era trading ship.

Fishermen in the area commented that for years they have found pottery shards in their nets, prompting the police to send divers to search the area.

The peculiarity of this shipwreck is that it could be almost intact”, Said Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Schilardi, of the Police Divers Group. "We believe it dates back to sometime between the 1st centuries B.C. and I A.D. »he added. The mud on the seabed had hidden the ship, but they have also protected it all these years, he said.

Divers say the vessel survey should help understand the commercial activity of the time. The ship is believed to have carried trade routes between Hispania and what is now central Italy, being loaded with clay amphorae containing fish, wine, oil and grain.


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