Greek mythology: who was Clytemnestra?

Greek mythology: who was Clytemnestra?

Clytemnestra is a little known character who was also related to the Trojan War. It's about the wife of Agamemnon. She was the daughter of Tindaro, the king of Sparta, and of his wife Leda, and sister of Helena, (Menelaus' wife), Castor and Pollux.

When he was of marriageable age, married Tandalo. With him she had a son, but one day she met Agamemnon and he couldn't help noticing her.

Infatuated as he was with her, he decided assassinate king tandal and their son to be able to join her. With him he came to have four children, Ifigence, Electra, Orestes and Chrysotemis.

Clytemnestra and the Trojan War

When Greece declared the war on troy, the Hellenic ships went to war but reigned a great calm at sea, to such an extent that there was such an absence of wind that the ships could not leave.

To see how to fix it, Menelaus went to consult to the oracle of Delphi.

He told him that the only way for the gods to appease was sacrificing the firstborn of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.

At first she didn't want to, but seeing the opportunity to leave was slipping away, she thought that I had no choice.

He convinced Agamemnon that he had to sacrifice his daughter and he did. Clytemnestra did not forgive him having killed his daughter.

The young woman was really saved at the last minute by goddess Artemis and delivered as a priestess in one of her temples, but her mother I was unaware of this fact.

Once the Greek fleet had departed for Troy, it became Egisto's lover.

After long years, Agamemnon returned to his homeland, but brought with him Cassandra, daughter of the King of Troy, Priam, whom he had made his lover.

Blind with jealousy and anger, Clytemnestra decided to end the lives of the two lovers. with the help of Egisto, and after this act, they were married.

But nevertheless, happiness was short-lived because Clytemnestra did not count on her sons to avenge the murder she had committed.

Your son Orestes He could not let go of the crime committed by his mother and decided to murder her along with her lover and recent husband, Egisto.

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