Pyramus and Thisbe, the mythological Romeo and Juliet

Pyramus and Thisbe, the mythological Romeo and Juliet

If there is a known romantic play, it is without a doubt Romeo and Julietby William Shakespeare. However, more than a millennium earlier a work had already been written that keeps numerous similarities and that could have been taken as a basis. It is about the history or myth of Pyramus and Thisbe that, as in the work of the English author, their love ends fatally.

Pyramus was the most beautiful young man of his village, and Thisbe was one of the young most outstanding, with greater skills. They were both neighbors and lived in adjoining houses. Thanks to this, they knew each other since they were little. As they grew older, that friendship that emerged from children's games was transformed into something else until they ended up falling in love. However, his parents they were forbidden to marry due to discrepancies between families. In fact, they decided to lock them up at home.

This only did further increase the love they felt Young. Even though they couldn't see each other, they managed to communicate through a crack that had been opened in the wall that the two houses shared. Barely a few words or a few whispersthey were enough to keep the lovers in communication and their love for each other to grow little by little.

One day, fed up with the situation, they decided to face the decision of their parents and run away together. To do this, during the night, they would evade surveillance imposed on each in their own home and they would meet at Nino's grave in the nearby forest. They would wait on the white fruit tree that there was a moral.

Thisbe managed to escape first with clothes that concealed his identity and mocking his family. So in the dark he arrived at the agreed place and sat on the rock that there was to wait for her beloved. While waiting, a lioness appeared that he had come to quench his thirst at the nearby spring after killing some oxen.

Thisbe was frightened when she saw the lioness and he ran away towards a nearby cave. When fleeing, dropped a handkerchief that he carried with him. Once the lioness had satisfied her thirst, she found by chance the handkerchief that Thisbe had dropped and it smashed it with its bloody snout.

Pyramus arrived shortly after that the beast lioness had left and saw signs that a beast had passed by. Looking for his beloved he found the handkerchief stained with blood, so he believed that the fierce animal had devoured Thisbe. He could not bear the pain and next to the tree in which they had agreed to meet the dagger stuck wearing. The blood came out staining the fruits, turning them red.

In a short time, Thisbe came out of hiding still with fear in her body but willing not to fail her lover, so go back to the place where they had agreed to meet to meet him. However, he could not identify the tree by the change in the color of the fruits and when he got closer to see if that was the place, he could see the body of her beloved on the ground bleeding. Not knowing what to do, she hugged him and caressing him called out to him.

Before the pleas of his beloved, Pyramus managed to open his eyes and, after seeing it, he closed them again. Thisbe saw that she was holding her lioness-torn handkerchief between her fingers and next to the dagger with which Pyramus had killed himself. Seeing that he had died for her, decided to commit suicide next to him, not without first asking that they will let them rest together in the same burial mound, since their parents had kept them apart and they could not love each other. He also asked the tree to cover them both and to its fruits remember the terrible event that had taken place. After this, he placed the dagger under his chest and threw himself on it, taking his life.

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