The Argonauts and the Golden Fleece

The Argonauts and the Golden Fleece

One of the most mentioned adventures in classical mythology is the adventure of Jason and the Argonauts in Search of the Golden Fleece. Jason wanted to take his place on the throne, which had been usurped by his uncle, Pelias. In order to achieve this, he ordered him to look for the ashes of an ancestor who had been murdered in Colquis, Phryxus, and who would also find the famous Golden Fleece. In order to carry out the mission, Jason had them build a ship to be called Argos. In it he embarked with his friends after having made a sacrifice to Apollo to get his protection.

The trip was not direct as one might think, but they made numerous stops running adventures. The first one was the stop made in Lemnos. There they found that Aphrodite had cursed men causing them to give off such a foul odor that the local women they rejected them and then they murdered them, so they were alone. Seeing the situation they were in, the Argonauts decided to stay for a while and give them children in order to repopulate the island.

However, they were so comfortable that they began to delay your departure date, so the own Hercules must have gone to remind them of their mission. Seeing the prompt departure of these men, the queen herself, Hipsipile, begged them not to do so and even offered Jason the throne, which he rejected.

They left as soon as they could and they came to Samothrace. There the god Orpheus agreed to them to learn the mysteries of the place. The next stop was at Cycicus island, where they were received hospitably by the doliones.

When they went to sea a terrible storm forced them to return to the same island, but with the darkness caused by the storm, not even they recognized the place where they had been not even the islanders recognized his ship. They took them for pirates and confronted them. During the confrontation, Jason killed the king.

When they could see what happened after dawn, they were deeply dismayed and decided to organize some funeral games lasting three days. In addition, they raised a statue dedicated to Rea on Mount Díndimo. However, those who had remained to guard the ship were being meanwhile attacked by giants, who were quickly defeated thanks to Hercules, who had taken control of the Argos.

Having finished the funeral service, they again undertook their journey and they arrived in Misia so Hercules could find wood hard enough to build an oar. While they waited, Phineus, one of the crew members, told them that in order to cross the dangerous Simplágades rocks, who were always in constant motion, had to drop a dove and follow it. Thanks to this idea they managed to get through with just a few scratches on the ship. By managing to traverse such an arduous path, the rocks stood still, since his destiny said so.

They then reached the Lico country, where they lost several members of the expedition due to illness, including the pilot, although he could be replaced. Shortly after they reached their destination, the Colchis. There Jason appeared before the king, Aeetes, to be able to explain the reason for his visit. The king imposed two conditions: the first, had to to put two bulls under the same yoke never yoked that Hephaestus had given him and that had bronze hooves and threw fire; the second consisted of plowing a field with them and sow in him the teeth of the terrible dragon consecrated to Ares who protected the fleece.

To be able to face these missions, he received the help of the king's daughter, the sorceress Medea. She had fallen in love with Jason through Eros, so she offered to help him in exchange for will marry her and take her with him to Greece. Jason accepted her terms despite feeling nothing for her.

Medea then gave him an ointment with which neither fire not even the iron would harm him for one day. Regarding the dragon, he told him that soldiers came out of his teeth, but that he could easily defeat them if he threw a stone at them; all of them they would fight each other to see who had been the culprit. Thanks to his invaluable help, Jason was able to carry out the king's orders.

However, Aeetes never thought i would make it. In fact, he did not want to hand over the Golden Fleece, as his intentions were to burn the ship Argos to ashes and take out all the crew members. When Jason learned of such claims, he went in search of Medea to help him put the dragon to sleep to catch the fleece and He fled.

When the king learned of the escape, he quickly set out in search of her. Medea, who had foreseen what her father would do, had killed and dismembered his brother Apsirto to go throwing his pieces into the sea, in such a way that his father had to stop to pick them up. When Aeetes had collected all the parts he decided to stop at Tomes to organize his son's funeral, which gave Jason a huge advantage.

Apsyrtus' death greatly enraged Zeus, who condemned the ship to lose your route. After time at sea, desperate not to find their way, they decided go see circe so that he would free them from their crimes and thus be able to appease the wrath of the gods. She helped them but he did not allow Jason to rest in his palace.

When they headed back to Greece, they had to go through the dreaded waters where mermaids dweltBut the song of Orpheus, which was much more beautiful than theirs, saved them from falling under his charms. Only they lost a man, Butes, but Aphrodite saved him and took him to Sicily.

When they reached Corfu, King Alcinous negotiated to be able to stay with Medea if she was still a virgin. The handcuff the king found out about the agreement and went to Medea to be aware of such events. Medea wasted no time and joined Jason that same night. Finally, they reached Yolco, getting jason the throne. The ship was taken to Corinth to be consecrated to the god of the sea, Poseidon.

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