Greek mythology: Medea, the sorceress

Greek mythology: Medea, the sorceress

Medea was daughter of the king of Colchis, Aeetes, and his wife Idia. Learned the magic arts of the magician Circe, who was also a distant relative. One day Jason and his crew came to their father's court to get the golden fleece. Due to the arts of Eros it was madly in love the adventurer and did not hesitate to offer his help to be able to fulfill his father's orders in exchange for marry herand take her with him to Greece.

Jason accepted and after managing to fulfill his plans, ran away with Medea and married her until they reached his homeland, Yolco. Upon arrival they arranged big celebrations to celebrate the union and the return of their rightful king. Medea, to thank her husband for everything, decided rejuvenate his father, Aeson, through their magical arts.

The king of Yolco had been displaced from the throne by his own brother, Pelias. The latter's daughters asked Medea to please also rejuvenate his father. Medea then took a ram and in front of them He dismembered it and threw it into a cauldron in which he had prepared a potion. Shortly after came out of it a young calf. The daughters of Pelias, except Alcestes, decided to go enthusiastically and dismember his father, but he was not resurrected.

Due to this misfortune, both Medea and Jason they were expelled to Corinth. Once settled there, they lived happily until Jason decided reject Medea to be able to marry the daughter of the king of Corinth. Before being banished, she decided get revenge on the whole royal family.

For this, he gave a dress to the princess. When she put it on, the dress caught fire, also setting fire to his father and the palace. The children that Medea had with Jason, according to some versions, were stoned by the corinthians and according to others they were slaughtered by Medea herself in honor of Hera.

Helios provided him with a chariot so that he could fly to Athens, where she married the Aegean king. However, when Aegean's son Theseus arrived on the island, Medea tried to kill him so that do not usurp the power, but finally had to flee. He went to Colchis and got reconcile with his family, who forgave her for leaving with Jason.

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